Side-Hinged Garage Doors in Sheffield, Barnsley & South Yorkshire

Experts in Side-Hinged Garage Doors in Sheffield, Barnsley and South Yorkshire

Abacus Garage Door Solutions Ltd is the area’s leading provider of side-hinged garage doors.

As one of our more traditional designs, the side-hinged doors can nevertheless be automated and remains one of the region’s go-to garage door options.

Our expert team is here to help customers across Sheffield, Barnsley and South Yorkshire choose the right door for your needs – so why not give us a call today and we can put you on the road to the ideal garage door.

Why Choose a Side-Hinged Door

Offering easy access to your garage, at Abacus Garage Door Solutions Ltd our side-hinged doors are available as centre split or off-split. We can also offer the choice of right hand or left hand lead opening.

The simple operating system of side hinges placed on a frame offers easier maintenance, meaning the doors should stand the test of time.

They also make a practical solution for garages that are not being used to store vehicles but instead serving as a gym, home office or even playroom as they offer maximum floor space and easy access.

Offering a Range of Bespoke Doors

At Abacus Garage Door Solutions Ltd we can fit standard steel doors or bespoke, made-to-measure timber doors that have been designed to the customer’s exact specification. A side-hinged door, like many in our range, can be colour-matched to existing doors or windows. Accompanying fixtures and fittings can also be added to give your garage that extra touch of class.

Convenient and Quiet

One of the standout features of a side-hinged garage door is the convenience. Access can be easily obtained simply by opening one half of the double door – there is no need to action any complex mechanisms. Not only that, but a side-hinged door is also possibly the quietest of garage door styles, making it a popular choice for homes in busy neighbourhoods.

Hassle-Free Repairs

Should your existing side-hinged door start to require a little TLC, then one call to Abacus Garage Door Solutions Ltd will ensure it is back to tip-top condition in no time. Our well-equipped team is on hand to offer a speedy and cost effective service, wherever you are across Sheffield and South Yorkshire and no matter how big or small the job, all our repair work comes with a one year guarantee.

Material Benefits

Side-hinged doors are available in various materials such as timber, steel and GRP (glass reinforced plastic) with each having its own particular benefits:
• Timber: obtainable in a variety of woods including cedar, accoya and oak, a timber side-hinged door often complements other aspects of a home such as fencing, doors and windows.
• Steel: offering a great choice of colours and front effects, steel is a popular choice for those whose prime concern is security as the strong doors are harder to penetrate.
• GRP: giving the appearance of timber, while offering the strength benefits of steel.

Automate and Upgrade

While the above is a definite plus for many people, there may be others thinking about automating or upgrading existing side-hinged doors to electric. At Abacus Garage Door Solutions Ltd we can automate at the outset or at a later point - as long as your current doors and garage structure as a whole are suitable. Our well-trained technicians are on hand to advise and are happy to provide free estimates on request.

Here to help

To find out more about Abacus Garage Door Solutions Ltd side-hinged garage door installation or for any sales or question regarding garage doors or repairs, please call: 0114 400 0025 or 07961 305 538, our friendly team is waiting to hear from you.

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