Sectional Garage Doors in Sheffield, Barnsley & South Yorkshire

Sectional Garage Door Specialists in Sheffield, Barnsley and South Yorkshire

One of the most popular styles for our local customers is the sectional garage door.

Constructed using a series of panels or sections linked via hinges, the doors roll inside a vertical track, enabling the door to slide seamlessly into either an open or closed position.

At Abacus Garage Door Solutions Ltd we offer customers across Sheffield, Barnsley and South Yorkshire a number of sectional garage door styles for you to choose from. We are happy to talk you through the process and you can find out more here. 

Local, Affordable Garage Door Repairs

One of the main bonuses of a sectional garage door is that it opens vertically allowing you to fully utilise driveway space.

But this is not its only benefit. Other standout features include:

Safe and Dry

At Abacus Garage Door Solutions Ltd we are aware that not all garages are used to house vehicles. So, if yours doubles as a home gym, storage facility or even an office, then a sectional door may be the best choice thanks to its substantial insulation properties. Available as either single or double skinned, the built-in insulation not only offers protection from the elements it also ensures a quieter operation. Sectional garage doors also come with seals at the sides, floor and fascia, creating a weatherproof bond around the door.

Multiple Style Options

For our Sheffield and South Yorkshire customers, Abacus Garage Door Solutions Ltd offers an array of finishes and colours. Largely constructed from galvanised steel, there are also timber and aluminium versions on the market. Woodgrain finishes have been a popular choice over the years, although the stylish grey and charcoal steel is now proving popular. Our team can advise as to which door would best complement your property and your pocket.

Space Saving

Not only does a sectional garage door offer the maximum amount of driveway space, but it also provides a greater internal floor space too. Its vertical opening and ceiling suspension construction principal means you can make full use of all interior areas – with a sectional garage door offering up to 14cm more passage width than an up-and-over door.

Care and Repair

Should your existing sectional door start to show signs of wear and tear, then a quick call to Abacus Garage Door Solutions Ltd will ensure it is opening and closing in no time. Our well-equipped team is on hand to offer a speedy and cost effective service, no matter where you are across Sheffield and South Yorkshire. All our work is guaranteed, so you can be sure your doors is safe in our hands.

Here to help

To find out more about sectional garage door installation or for any sales or repair question regarding garage doors, please call: 0114 400 0025 or 07961 305 538, our team is waiting to hear from you.

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