Electric Garage Doors in Sheffield, Barnsley and across South Yorkshire

Electric Garage Door Specialists in Sheffield, Barnsley and across South Yorkshire

Abacus Garage Door Solutions Ltd has South Yorkshire’s finest selection of electric garage doors.

For domestic customers across the region, we provide an unrivalled electric garage door installation or automated upgrade. Our first class technicians have more than 20 years’ experience in the trade and all our new installations come with a two-year warranty.

We are always happy to discuss the best door to suit your property, so why not give us a call and let us put you on the road to a superior garage door.

Key Benefits of Electric Garage Doors

We would be lying if we did not admit that one of the major benefits of an automated or electric garage door is that you can operate it from the comfort of your vehicle or your home. They can also be matched with other automated home security items such as gates.
Read on to find out more about Abacus Garage Door Solutions Ltd range of electric garage doors.

Safe and Sound

By choosing an electric garage door from Abacus Garage Door Solutions Ltd our Sheffield and South Yorkshire customers can relax knowing that you are installing a state-of-the-art garage door that will keep your property and possessions safe and secure for years to come. Mostly constructed from heavy grade steels, electric garage doors often act as a deterrent - without the need for an external lock, potential thieves may be dissuaded from targeting your garage in the first place.

Revert to Manual

Should your property be subject to a power cut or any other temporary outage, your Abacus Garage Door Solutions Ltd electric garage door will automatically revert to its manual setting. This ensures the garage door remains effective and safe to use at all times.

Family Friendly

Accessing your property without having to get young children (and all their paraphernalia) out of the car is obviously a bonus. But an electric garage door often brings added safety standards too as the sensors will detect when a person (or object) is close to the door, immediately halting the motion and removing the fear of trapped fingers or any other injury.

Help and Repair

Not only will the experts at Abacus Garage Door Solutions Ltd supply and automate your garage door, we are also here to help should your electric garage door require repairs further down the road. Our local Sheffield and South Yorkshire-based crews can be relied upon to correct major faults or annoying niggles and all repairs are guaranteed for 12 months.

Opening in Style

Abacus Garage Door Solutions Ltd offers a range of electric doors available in an array of designs and colours. We work with the leading garage door manufacturers across the South Yorkshire region ensuring your electric garage doors are the best in the business. Not only do we offer our customers a huge choice of styles, but at Abacus Garage Door Solutions Ltd we can also match your electric garage door to the rest of your property’s exterior doors and windows.

High-tech and High-Spec

In this high-tech, gadget-friendly age it makes sense that your garage door – a heavy, manual object – is as easy to use as possible. Abacus Garage Door Solutions Ltd can automate all styles from a timber side-hinged to steel roller shutter, offering programmable or sensor control. We work with the industry’s leading names such as: Alutech; Cardale; Hörmann and Teckentrup to provide safe, secure and stylish electric garage doors for homes across Sheffield and South Yorkshire.

Fast, First Class Service

At Abacus Garage Door Solutions Ltd our experienced team can be relied upon to install or upgrade your electric garage door as quickly and efficiently as possible. For homeowners across Sheffield and South Yorkshire, we offer a professional, affordable solution. We are on hand six days a week to advise and discuss your project and to find the best for your property and your budget. Installations are fully guaranteed for two years, giving you peace of mind for the future.

Here to help

To find out more about our electric doors or any other door or repair give us a call on: 0114 400 0025 or 07961 305 538, our team is waiting to hear from you.

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